September 17, 2022

Katie Lass: Sunshine1 (headspunstar)

Detroit art-rock artist Katie Lass breaks all the rules of "proper recording" on her new single, Sunshine1 (headspunstar), a neo-psych rollercoaster ride in slow motion, with an unrelenting back beat and swirling background vocals, drenched in reverb and echo. It is a journey into a musical innerworld where she is playing the role of Alice in Wonderland, partaking in a disuccion with Syd Barrett and Kim Deal about holes in the fabrics of time and space. The track is a first taste from her debut album, Hypnopomp, which was mastered by Warren Defever of Third Man Mastering, so all the weirdness was carefully preserved.

Hypnopomp is released via Happy Happy Birthday to Me records and Remove Records (vinyl - green marbled, black, CD, digital). Release date: November 4th.

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