September 16, 2022

Jessie Kilguss: What Do Whales Dream About at Night?

Brooklyn singer Jessie Kilguss has released the title track from her forthcoming new full-length What Do Whales Dream About at Night?, due for release on September 23. Inspired by Headphones by Ukrainian poet Serhiy Zhadan, she wrote it in 2019 for the Bushwick Book Club, at a time that she could not have dreamt that the subject of war would again be making the headlines. Kilguss: "The protagonist is a poet who escapes the harsh realities of the war happening around him by putting on his headphones and tuning out the world".

Do animals even care about the human race is up to? Most likely not, they move on in their own habitat: "They say that whales feel things more deeply than the rest of us do // Maybe they’re already enlightened // Wiser than me and you // Are they scared of the dark? // Do they stay up late? // when the lights go out, can they see where they’re going? // Do they get insomnia sometimes, like I do // What do whales dream about at night".

Jessie Kilguss: vocals, harmonium
Brian Griffin: drums, percussion
Whynot Jansveld: bass
Naren Rauch: guitars, piano
Nathan Schram: strings

What Do Whales Dream About at Night? is a self-released single. Buy it from her website.

Live date:
  • 09/23 Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3, Brooklyn, NY
    (album release show)


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