August 07, 2022

Porcupine Tree: "Coma Coda" comes to vinyl

Porcupine Tree: Coma Coda

The Porcupine Tree live album Coma Coda will be released as a 2LP on red vinyl. Previously only available as a digital download from Bandcamp, the album serves a companion piece for their live album Coma Divine:

When Porcupine Tree made their first official live album, they decided to record their 3 night stand at Rome's Frontiera club in order to capture as much repertoire as possible. The original live album was almost entirely drawn from the third and final night, but this new selection of material comes from the second night. As well as alternate versions of Signify, Dislocated Day (incomplete but fun because of an impromptu drum solo!), and Radioactive Toy, this selection includes several songs that were not chosen to be on Coma Divine. Most notable among these is an unreleased group composition Cryogenics that was prepared especially for the concert recording, but didn't make the cut and was subsequently never played again by the band.

Note that the original Coma Divine album was subject to a fair amount of repairs and overdubs to bring it up to a high audio standard. These new selections are exactly as recorded on the night so there are some technical and performance shortcomings which we hope won't spoil your listening enjoyment!

Coma Coda was mastered for vinyl by Steven Wilson. New artwork by Carl Glover. The album is available via Burning Shed. Release date: August 19.

  1. Intro/Signify
  2. Cryogenics/Dark Matter
  3. Idiot Prayer
  4. Nine Cats
  5. Every Home is Wired
  6. Dislocated Day (incomplete)
  7. Radioactive Toy
  8. Voyage 34 Phase II


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