July 24, 2022

The Fierce & The Dead: Golden Thread

English prog experimentalists The Fierce & The Dead go long form on their new single, Golden Thread, switching from metal to prog, surf and avant-garde. Dark and stark washes of guitar and synths ride the groundswell of bass and drums. It is a track that unfolds gradually, exposing more elements after each listen. Ambitious and grandiose stuff delivered impeccably.

The Fierce And The Dead:
Matt Stevens: guitars, synths
Steve Cleaton: guitars, synths
Kev Feazey: bass, synths, vocals
Stuart Marshall: drums, percussion

Golden Thread is released via Spencer Park Music. Buy it from their website. Two remixes - a "purist" instrumental one and a "PMA" reinterpration - are up on there as well.

» fierceandthedead.com

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