July 22, 2022

HCTF premiere - Dez Dare: "Tyrannosaurus Shake" video

Darren Smallman's one-man garage-punk band Dez Dare fully embraces the fuzz options on this guitar on his new single, Tyrannosaurus Shake. He always hated hand shakes, but the custom always fascinated him as well. The pandemic has nearly wiped it out as a means of social interaction and he for one wouldn't mind it became extinct altogether.

In the video he is making his way through the woods, followed by a giant hand replicating the gestures of the world's most famous dinosaur. The clip, filmed by Tim Day, is over-the-top scary, in a fun, low budget way.

The track will be included on his forthcoming new album Ulysses Trash, due for release on August 19. It is available for pre-order here.

Live date:
  • 07/23 London, UK @ The Beehive

» dezdare.com

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