July 27, 2022

Can: "Live in Cuxhaven 1976" drops October 14th

On October 14th the third installment of the official series of CAN live bootleg recordings "Live in Cuxhaven 1976 will be released on via Spoon Records (blue vinyl, CD, digital) and distributed via Mute. The German inventors were keen improvisers and during concerts by the Krautrock ensemble anything could happen.

The Can Live series has taken the best of Can’s bootlegged recordings – many of which were recorded by Andrew Hall, who sadly died in April 2021 – and, overseen by founding member Irmin Schmidt and producer/engineer RenĂ© Tinner, have fed them through the wringer of 21st century technology to bring you these vital historical documents in the best quality versions possible.

Can Live in Cuxhaven 1976’s sleeve notes were written by the French author Pascal Bussy, whose books include The Can Story (co-authored with Andy Hall, 1989) and Kraftwerk: Man, Machine, and Music (1993).

Live in Cuxhaven 1976 is available for pre-order via the US store and the UK Store.

  1. Cuxhaven 76 Eins
  2. Cuxhaven 76 Zwei
  3. Cuxhaven 76 Drei
  4. Cuxhaven 76 Vier

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