July 12, 2022

Amoeba Teen: "New Material World" video

English guitar driven quartet Amoeba Teen have made an stop-motion video for New Material World, a track from their self-titled album: "Tongue-in-cheek smart rhymes like “She likes it kinda kooky in the back of her Suzuki" in Mainstream sit comfortably next to a song about laying awake at night worrying about how to they will manage the future of their offspring (Putting The Kids Through College). They are a bunch of aging teenagers suddenly overcome by adulthood. That's scary, but also a treasure trove for inspired songwriting and musicianship. They are the kind of band you hope to catch playing live on a tiny stage in a slightly overcrowded venue, tearing through a rock anthem like Barlight Crawl and wax lyrically about love in the New Material World".

» amoebateen.com

HCTF review of Amoeba Teen.

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