May 15, 2022

Amoeba Teen: Amoeba Teen

Amoeba Teen

English guitar driven quartet Amoeba Teen went for a tried-and-true way of recording @ Claptrap Studios in their hometown Stourbridge, laying down the tracks as a four-piece to capture the excitement and energy of a live show. Combining the elements of power pop, glam rock and Britpop, they offer a selection of instantly hummable melodies, call-and-response vocals and fresh riffs that sound familiar somehow.

It's hard to sound relaxed and catchy at the same time, but the joy of being in the same room after such a long time rubbed off on the tracks. Even the break-up song A Good Reason Why, inspired by band member Mark Britton’s disintegrating marriage, sounds almost a cheerful in a Badfinger-alike way.

Tongue-in-cheek smart rhymes like “She likes it kinda kooky in the back of her Suzuki" in Mainstream sit comfortably next to a song about laying awake at night worrying about how to they will manage the future of their offspring (Putting The Kids Through College). They are a bunch of aging teenagers suddenly overcome by adulthood. That's scary, but also a treasure trove for inspired songwriting and musicianship. They are the kind of band you hope to catch playing live on a tiny stage in a slightly overcrowded venue, tearing through a rock anthem like Barlight Crawl and wax lyrically about love in the New Material World.

Amoeba Teen:
Mark Britton: guitar, vocals
Mike Turner: guitar, vocals
Simon Muttit: bass
Carl Bayliss: drums

Amoeba Teen: Amoeba Teen

Amoeba Teen is released via Big Stir Records (CD, digital).

  1. Mainstream
  2. Just Not That Into You
  3. New Material World
  4. A Good Reason Why
  5. January
  6. Barlight Crawl
  7. Melody Told You
  8. Monica Wake Up
  9. Putting The Kids Through College
  10. King Of The Cut

Live date:
  • 07/02 London, UK @ Pump It Up! 2022 - The Lexington


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