July 19, 2022

Al Riggs: The Lagniappe Sessions @ Aquarium Drunkard

North Carolina singer-songwriter and producer Al Riggs recorded three covers for Aquarium Drunkard's The Lagniappe Sessions: Liz Phair's Johnny Sunshine (MP3), Hidden Cameras' High Above The Church Grounds (MP3) and The Who's Eminence Front (MP3). About that last track:

Might be saying something that my two favorite songs by The Who (a band I love very much) are from their later post-Keith period; “You Better You Bet” and “Eminence Front.” I had been threatening my friends, followers, and family members with a ten-minute cover of this song for years now, and now that I’m putting Al Riggs to bed it felt time to finally deliver. Proud of my synth jamming at the beginning and the combination of multiple drum loops and live drumming. Also that grimy guitar solo and the vocoded backing vocals. Had a blast with this one.

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