July 19, 2022

Steve Hoffman on cutting the Creedence 180+ vinyl reissues for Analogue Productions

Engineer Steve Hoffman explains the cutting process for the 2014 reissues of the Creedence Clearwater Revival albums for Analogue Productions on his forum The basics are pretty straightforward:

Simple really, well not simple but by the book.

  1. We get the Creedence Master tapes and give a listen.
  2. We get an original Allen Zentz RCA pressing and give a listen.
  3. We prepare the master tape for all analog cutting, running down each song for tone/volume.
  4. Kevin Gray does the cutting part, I concentrate on the tonality and dynamics part.
  5. We cut side 1.
  6. We cut side 2.
  7. Lunch
And so on.. Any questions?

» stevehoffman.tv

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