June 30, 2022

De Breek: Onder het Gras

Dutch vocal trio De Breek released a rather splendid EP, Jas, in 2019, but it took them a while to come up with a follow-up. Steef Hupkes (Stanley en de Menzo's), David Pino (El Pino & the Volunteers) and Sander van Munster (No Ninja Am I) once again sing about every day emotions on their second EP, Onder het Gras, on top of '70s tinged singer-songwriter inspired music, but the lyrics dig a little deeper.

The title track Onder het Gras ("Beneath the Grass") is finding about hiding and finding shelter. Haal jezelf maar uit elkaar ("Take Yourself Apart") is written from the perspective of a drone who flies high before crashing into a tree, a metaphor for picking up the pieces after a serious breakdown. They saved the best for last. Kleine Lettertjes ("Small Print") is about a guy who promises to take care of everything, but that comes at a prize. Somewhere, in an alternate universe, Lennaert Nijgh and Jan Rot are giving these musicians a big thumbs up for giving the Dutch language a poetic depth that is quite rare.

Onder het Gras is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. Onder het Gras
  2. Haal jezelf maar uit elkaar
  3. Kleine Lettertjes

Live date:
  • 07/02 Andijk, Netherlands @ Dijkpop

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