November 28, 2019

De Breek: Jas

Glorious vocal harmonies don't give a fuck about language barriers. Dutch trio De Breek sing in their native tongue about the coat a father used to wear, a bomb, and fluff tumbling in the air on their debut EP Jas.

Steef Hupkes (Stanley en de Menzo's), David Pino (El Pino & the Volunteers) and Sander van Munster (No Ninja Am I) live within spitting distance in Amsterdam-Noord, but it took them some time to finally get together to start working on songs that are a blend of the sound of the Laurel Canyon scene and early Seventies music in general. It's all about the voice as a lead instrument, with piano and dreamy guitars keeping it snug and warm.

Jas is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website

  1. Jas
  2. Bom
  3. Pluizen


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