May 21, 2022

Red Hearted Vibrations: Dead Girl Walking

Glaswegian rock band Red Hearted Vibrations filmed the video for their new single Dead Girl Walking in a prison in Inverary, telling the tale of inmate of death row. They went for a big guitar sound, with a country-tinged harmonica part to kick the ball rolling and set the stage for Laura Nelson's powerful vocals. They used a bit of North-American imagery for the cclip, like the orange uniforms worn by the band members.

The band's guitarist Ewan Driver used the stories from his grandma who grew up near HMP Barlinnie in the days when the death penalty was still part of the penal system in the UK (it was abolished in 1969).

Dead Girl Walking is a self-released single. Buy it from their website.

UK live dates:
  • 06/17 Killin Music Festival 2022, Killin
  • 07/23 The Mermaid Bar, Southerness
  • 07/29 Butefest 2022, Isle Of Bute
  • 08/05 Foodies Festival Edinburgh 2022, Edinburgh
  • 08/12 Foodies Festival Glasgow 2022, Giffnock
  • 08/26 Venue 38, Ayr
  • 09/24 The Mermaid Music Festival 2022, Southerness
  • 12/16 The Waterside Inn, Dumbarton


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