April 01, 2022

Sophia Djebel Rose: Métempsycose

French folk singer and guitarist Sophia Djebel Rose is in a contemplative mood on her first full-length, Métempsycose, a concept album of sorts about overlooked small insects and nature in general. Inspired by her walks on the high plateaus of the Auvergne, she felt a connection and an urge to tell the world to cherish all the component parts that make life possible on Earth. She isn't a preacher, but more of a dreamer, who believes in some form of reincarnation. Whether that sort thing is your cup of tea or not, isn't relevant to be able to enjoy the depth of her poetic imagery.

She names fellow outsider artist albums like Buffy Sainte Marie's Illuminations and Nico's Desertshore as sources for inspiration. It is a fragile yet sturdy collection of songs. She feels more comfortable singing in her native tongue - she sings in English as part of the abstract folk duo An Eagle in your Mind. As a solo artist, she has stripped down the sound even more, which allows her voice to become the main ingredient of a carefully prepared dish of heartfelt musings. Her quiet intensity is beautiful and compelling.

Sophia Djebel Rose: Métempsycose

Métempsycose is a self-released album (vinyl, CD, digital). Buy it from her website.

  1. Le Palais
  2. Liberté
  3. Vénus
  4. Le Diable et l'Enfant
  5. La Louve
  6. J'appartiens
  7. La Clairière
  8. Blanche Canine
  9. Nénuphar

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