April 01, 2022

Johnny Dowd: "Shack" video + new poem "Up the Rat's Ass"

Watch the new Johnny Dowd video for Shack, a track from his latest album review of Homemade Pie: "Dowd has always been a genre of his own, exploring the alleys connecting blues, country, vaudeville, funk, rock and maybe of dozen more. His songs are populated with losers, disgruntled, lovers, con men, players, and small time crooks. Thankfully they never show any signs of regret or remorse, which makes for far more interesting stories than gratuitous happy ending. Exhibit A: the title track Homemade Pie, the story of a sketchy salesman who gets shot and crucified. Exhibit B Shack: his Dad made every stupid mistake a man could possibly make, but he stands by his deeds, porudely proclaiming that he would do it all again, if he had the chance". The clip was made by Truus de Groot.

A brand new poem, Up the Rat's Ass, is up on his Bandcamp page:

Up A Rat’s Ass

I crawled up a rat’s ass. It’s peaceful here and quiet, and I can’t complain about the view. There are no child molesters here abusing baby cupid with their insipid harmonies.

Pleasant people in bright costumes speak in confident voices. Fortunately, I can’t hear them. I have myself for company and that’s one too many. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

It’s a miracle my brain doesn’t drain out of my ears like soup from a cracked bowl. Is there anything left to do but vacuum mother’s old carpets and listen to dad’s drunken apologies?

I offered a glass of water to a woman who was about to drown, but the best of my good intentions came back and bit me like a dog.

It’s best not to get too involved and to lower your expectations.

NY State dates:
  • 04/01 Ithaca, NY @ The Downstairs
  • 04/09 Beacon, NY @ Quinn’s
  • 05/14 Newfield, NY @ Stone Bend Farm
  • 06/10-12 Rochester, NY @ Abilene Bar & Grill (supporting Amy Lavere & Will Sexton)
  • 06/15 Hector, NY @ Lucky Hare Brewing (supporting Amy Lavere & Will Sexton)
  • 06/16 Marlboro, NY @ The Falcon
  • 07/01 Ithaca, NY @ Lucky Hare At Press Bay
  • 07/xx Trumansburg, NY @ Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival (exact date TBA)
European live dates:
  • 09/01 Haarlem, Netherlands @ Patronaat
  • 09/03 House concert, Netherlands
  • 09/04 Karlsruhe, Germany @ Kohi
  • 09/07 Sheffield, UK @ Greystones
  • 09/08 Newcastle, UK @ The Cluny 2
  • 09/09 Glasgow, UK @ The Hug & Pint
  • 09/10 Low Mill, UK @ The Band Room
  • 09/11 London, UK @ West Hampstead Arts Club

» johnnydowd.com

HCTF review of Homemade Pie.

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