March 25, 2022

Moonchy & Tobias: Golem

Avant duo Moonchy & Tobias continue their quest to create adventurous music. Singer Pat Moonchy and multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias have been working together since 2018. The sharp contrast between Moonchy's high pitched vocals (in Italian, Latin and English) and Tobias's knack for coming up with an amalgam of post-rock soundscapes, riff and power chords, has lessened a bit with each new release, but the intensity is still in full bloom.

On their fourth full-length, Golem, there are elements of psychedelic rock, widescreen motifs of the Ennio Morricone variety, raga, a motorik beat a la Can, and much, much more. It is their darkest sounding collection of songs to date. Imagine enjoying the rides of an entertainment park that has been closed to the public, due to some serious health and safety issues. A thrilling, chilling and ultimately very rewarding listening experience.

Moonchy & Tobias: Golem

Golem is released via Hidden Shoal and Tiny Room Records.

  1. Zoas
  2. Carnevale
  3. Yodo
  4. Matha
  5. Cuma
  6. Eante
  7. Potio Medicata
  8. Golem
  9. Yuanxiao Jie
  10. Mintea
  11. Ikki Macha
  12. Jack and the Beanstalk


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