March 07, 2022

Good Grief: "High To Low" video

Watch the new Good Grief video for High To Low, a track from their new album Shake Your Faith: "Tackling such diverse subjects as mental health, the Seinfeld episode the The Pony Remark episode, wherein the uttering of a few words evokes all kinds of havoc, the ending of The Empire Strikes Back and much, much more, the trio's main theme is the inability of people to fully understand each other. Miscommunication, false interpretations of body language or just plain ignoring the obvious signals, can lead to anguish, anger and anxiety. So, it is all pretty serious and heavy-handed? Yes and no. They made the wise decision to serve it with a wealth of catchy hooks and a rollicking back beat that takes the edge off a bit".

Good Grief:
Will Fitzpatrick: guitar, vocals
Paul Abbott: bass, vocals
Matiss Dale: drums

Shake Your Faith is released via Happy Happy Birthday to Me records (US - vinyl, digital) and Everything Sucks Music (UK - vinyl, digital). Standard black and limited yellow vinyl. Plus a very limited (80 copies) black vinyl version in a brown board screen printed cover. Release date: March 18.

Live dates:

HCTF review of Shake Your Faith.

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