February 28, 2022

William Denton Wilde: Paradise Lost on Leith + The Debatable Lands

Newcastle Upon Tyne based one-man post-punk band William Denton Wilde travelled North and found inspiration for two new songs: Paradise Lost on Leith and The Debatable Lands. The songs share a common theme, even though they tell stories that are centuries apart: the loss of independence and rough-around-the-edges charm as a port in Edinburgh became gentrified over the last decade or so, and disputed lands between Scotland and England were hammered into submission by Scottish king James VI in 1590.

Wilde states that there is still some beauty to be found, but it is lot harder to find. He makes his trusty bass Shirley sing and growl, with his deep voice playing catch with a synth and a handful of choice sound effects.

Paradise Lost on Leith and The Debatable Lands are self-released singles. Buy them from his website.

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