December 20, 2021

William Denton Wilde: Jesus Got A Gun

William Denton Wilde

One-man band William Denton Wilde keeps the early '80s electric post-punk alive on his new EP, Jesus Got A Gun. Key ingredients are his vintage drum machine, his bass nicknamed Shirley, and his deep voice that is tailor-made for doom laden songs about violence, sickness and death. But very much like the classics from that era in the UK it also quite catchy and danceable, provided you dress in black and refrain from smiling.

This kind of music is highly relevant once again, with the worries about the virus (New Variant Strains) and the trigger happy idiots that inspired the title track. Wilde may be preaching to the converted with this release, but the voices of the underground tend to leave a longer lasting impression than the mainstream.

William Denton Wilde:  Jesus Got A Gun

Jesus Got A Gun is a self-released EP. Buy it from his website.

  1. Jesus Got A Gun
  2. New Variant Strains
  3. Blood On My Hands
  4. Let's Go For A Drive

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