December 20, 2021

Philip Frobos: The Lagniappe Sessions @ Aquarium Drunkard

Philip Frobos, member of Atlanta based post-punk band Omni, laid down two covers for Aquarium Drunkard's The Lagniappe Sessions: Lou Reed's Berlin (MP3) and Iggy Pop's Tonight (MP3):

When choosing what would be an appropriate Lagniappe, I considered what would pair nicely with my new novel Vague Enough to Satisfy. As the main characters Robert and Lou have a romantic (and slightly troubled) trip to Berlin, definitely indulging and sipping Dubonnet, Lou Reed’s “Berlin” seemed all too right. Also, “Tonight” has always been a favorite and seemed fun and appropriate from the Iggy/Bowie Berlin era. I only hope to imitate and pay homage to the kinds of wild and creative nights I imagine them having. Huge thanks to Chris Yonker, aka Greenscreen, for collaborating with me on these tracks, and to Grace Bellury for the lovely backing vocals on “Tonight.”


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