December 24, 2021

Mint Biscuit: Too Much Biscuit

Guitarist Richard Thomas uses a classic trick that was invented by the majors: a "best of" with a previously unreleased track (Three Stars On A Branch) to lure the completists. Too Much Biscuit is not a Christmas as such, but a collection of the mellower instrumentals from the latest three albums (Hot On The Heels Of, Hand Over The Jam! and Turning The Tide) by his one-man project Mint Biscuit.

He obviously spend a lot of time selecting and shuffling tracks around to create a nice flow and as such it his most consistent "best of" so far, making it the one to go before picking up his previous efforts My Favourite Biscuit Blues Men Can't Jump.

Too Much Biscuit is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Three Stars On A Branch
  2. McDonalds And Red Wine
  3. Atlantic Highway Blues
  4. Plenty Of Cock, Einstein
  5. Help Me, Rhoda
  6. Cornfield Whisper
  7. Miller's Finger
  8. Coated In Mud
  9. Anger Management
  10. All Fingers And Strums
  11. Morning Song
  12. Tiramisu Altiplano
  13. Solway Mariner's Blues
  14. Healing Better
  15. Deep


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