November 19, 2021

HCTF premiere - The Thin Cherries: "Trouble Lights" video

Chicago melodic rock quintet The Thin Cherries have made a video for their new single, Trouble Lights, a neo-psych song about being afraid that something bad will happen to the ones you love. When something has gone wrong in the past, it will continue to haunt you forever, because history might repeat itself. Take note of the signature sound of the Rickenbacker bass, an instrument that oozes jangling anxiety.

The Thin Cherries:
Steven Delisi: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Mark Lofgren: vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards
Gabriel Palomo: drums
Darren Shepherd: drums, guitar, bass, vocals
Birdie Soti: keyboards, synths

Trouble Lights is a self-released single. Buy it from their website. It will be included on their forthcoming third album, Weird World, due for release in 2022.

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