December 20, 2018

The Thin Cherries: On Moose Island

Chicago melodic rock band The Thin Cherries started as a side project led by Steven Delisi and Mark Lofgren. The latter wasa member of The Luck of Eden Hall, but now his brother in arms Gregory Curvey has moved to Detroit - where he started Custard Flux whose debut album Helium was reviewed yesterday - Lofgren has committed himself to bring psych-tinged blend of New Wave and Britpop to the Windy City.

On Moose Island is a continuation of their self-titled debut album, adding the sound of The Cure to the mix. You could fill a quiz show with questions about their musical references, but it is not a mere hagiography of the early Eighties mixed with Sixties West Coast pop. If anything it's an album about the search for companionship. Hurt and hope are trying to get the upper hand, but the only clear winners are the music and the words.

The Thin Cherries:
Steven Delisi: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Mark Lofgren: vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards
Gabriel Palomo: drums
Darren Shepherd: drums, guitar, bass, vocals
Birdie Soti: keyboards, synths

On Moose Island is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Moose Island
  2. Soviet
  3. I Love Your Ghost
  4. Follow Sun
  5. I Don't Know You All
  6. Steadfast Arranger
  7. Espresso Pedals
  8. Novato
  9. We're Staying
  10. Leanne

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HCTF review of The Thin Cherries.

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