October 06, 2021

Linda Draper: Tether

photo: Jeff Um

When the pandemic hit there was a lot of talk how it could be fixed with everyone involved, because they were all on the page and in it together. It did not take long for people to realize that opinions on how to deal with it varied wildly, even before the idiots contigent with their insane conspiracy theories gained traction. Country singer Linda Draper turned it the sentiment into a protest song, Tether, not picking a side, but pointing out that there never was one side that everybody supported: "Talk is cheap still they keep speaking in their crooked tongues // Trying to sell me the idea we’re all in this together // I beg to differ… I beg to differ // We were never all in this together // There is no tether nor was there ever".

Tether is the lead single from her forthcoming new album, Patience and Lipstick, out on Jan. 21st, 2022 via her own label South Forty Records.

Live date:
  • 11/06 Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store (w/ Atoosa Grey)

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