October 05, 2021

Don't Call Me Ishmael: Somewhere Near La Paz

Somewhere Near La Paz , the new single by English quartet Don't Call Me Ishmael was written by the band's singer Gary Wilcox as the of a songwriting challenge by guitarist Jack Tasker. And while it sounds cheerful and upbeat the subject matter of the song is quite serious. It takes the form of a letter by Tamara Bunke (Tania the Guerrilla) to Che Guevara as both of them they to make their separate ways through the Bolivian jungle a part of a quest to start a revolution that would spread like wildfire across all of South-America. That mission failed miserably. The song however is a winner, with all four band members pitching in for the vocals, loud in-your-face guitar and the tinkling sound of a ukitar, and a melody that keeps lingering long after the track is finished.

Don't Call Me Ishmael:
Gary Wilcox: vocals, ukitar
Sophie Bret Tasker: drums, vocals
Thomas Downes: bass
Jack Tasker: guitars

Somewhere Near La Paz is released via DROMA Records.

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