October 05, 2021

Astral Swans: Astral Swans

photo: Sebastian Buzzalino

Canadian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Swann called in a couple of favours from like-minded musicians for the new self-titled album by his Astral Swans project. He has constructed the songs like a short story, using the music as a multi-faceted backdrop for his lyrics. Some of it is pretty bleak - Spiral is about being holed up during lockdown, with dark thoughts for company, and the birds in Amsterdam's Vondelpark are pestering and bothering him in Bird Songs. He can show empathy as well. Sympathy For The Stupid is a tender plea to be patient with the intellectually challenged who can't keep up.

Swann uses lo-fi elements sitting comfortably to the complicated chord progressions, hopping effortlessly from shoegaze to power pop and Tex-Mex. With the help of the 101 of the Canadian indie scene - Julie Doiron (Eric’s Trip, Mt. Eerie) Cassia Hardy (Wares), LT Leif, Scott Munro (Preoccupations, Chad VanGaalen), Shalom Toy (SilverRing), Laura Hickli (36?) Minami Taga (Mako Puri), Carolyn Sweet, Jim Bryson (Kathleen Edwards, Weakerthans) - he has created a carefully balanced set of songs, a tapestry whereupon optimism (Beautiful Things Will Happen) and pessimism (End Of The World) are playing catch.

Astral Swans: Astral Swans

Astral Swans is released via Major Tom Records (North America), Moorworks (Japan), (South America) and Tiny Room Records (Europe) (vinyl, digital). Release date: October 8th.

  1. Spiral
  2. Flood
  3. Blackhole Town
  4. End Of The World
  5. Sympathy For The Stupid
  6. Bird Songs
  7. Wind In A Mindless Universe
  8. Cross Bones Style
  9. March 28/20
  10. Beautiful Things Will Happen
  11. More Nothing Than Something
  12. I Was Awake For Awhile

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