September 01, 2021

Dean Rivers: Anhedonia

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Dean Rivers has to deal with the effects of bipolar disorder, more specifically with Anhedonia - the "inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities". It became the main theme of his debut EP, with New Wave and post-punk as the genres of choice. He played all the instruments himself in true DIY fashion, making it sound gritty and intense.

Anhedonia is both a bold statement and a plea for understanding a condition that most people will never have heard of. He wears his musical heroes on his sleeve, and he is not above borrowing a bit here and there: The Stooges' I Wanna Be Your Dog in Project 24 and a bit of Roy Orbison for I'll Miss You Dear. Rivers' vocals should strike a chord with fans of Jeff Buckley. He has managed to bottle loneliness and despair, with his musicianship offering him a lifeline to the outside world.

Anhedonia is a self-released EP. Full Stream on Spotify.

  1. NAU
  2. She's Seizing My Guitar
  3. Project 24
  4. I'll Miss You Dear
  5. Streams of Consciousness

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