July 02, 2021

The Foreign Films: new album "Starlight Serenade" 07/30; stream two tracks

Canadian power pop singer and multi-instrumentalist Bill Majoros shares two more tracks from his new album Starlight Serenade by his project The Foreign Films, scheduled for release on July 30. All The Love You Give and Echoes Of The Heart are both sunnyside up, psych-tinged songs, showcasing Majoros' knack for melody and multi-layered music. As a composer he has found his niche, coming up with catchy choruses and smart hooks that sound familiar but fresh. He is already a big name in the inner circle of music geeks and, if there is any justice left in the business, wider recognition could be just around the corner.

Starlight Serenade serves as a companion piece for his previous album Ocean Moon (New Songs and Hidden Gems). It will be released on CD via Curve Music. It is available for preorder here.

» theforeignfilms.com

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