June 02, 2021

Moonchy & Tobias: Venus Mirror

Avant duo Moonchy & Tobias go for a lighter, more accessible sound on their new Venus Mirror EP. Singer Pat Moonchy sings once again in Latin and her native tongue Italian, with Todd Tobias providing a stew of bubbling synths, acoustic guitar and beats that for a lack of better description could be labeled as sunny post-rock. The title track - Specchio Di Venere means Venus Mirror - is a wordless serenade to inner beauty. Moonchy hits all the notes in a stream of consciousness-like state. Foglia Di Te is almost as introspective, with the music going round and round as the tea leaves in the cup that was the inspiration for the lyrics.

Music geeks will give a thumbs up to the warm major sevenths of jazz and Shoshana Klein's Oboe in Delibo. It is their most optimistic effort to date, going out on a high note with the closing track Leniter, Latin for "gently" or "mildly". Venus Mirror is for daydreamers of all ages.

Moonchy & Tobias:  Venus Mirror

Venus Mirror is released via Hidden Shoal and Tiny Room Records. Release date: June 5.

  1. Specchio Di Venere
  2. Foglia Di Te
  3. Et
  4. L'Incanto
  5. L'Unicita
  6. Delibo
  7. Leniter

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