June 29, 2021

Fred Händl: crowdfunding campaign for new album "Tovarishchi"

Dutch pianist Fred Händl has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to cover the costs for his new album, Tovarishchi:

It's been a long way coming. Many know Fred Händl from his unique renditions on solo piano of the works of Frank Zappa. He's graced many a venue with his music and presence over the past ten years. And yet, no matter how beautiful and skillfully executed, someone else's music will always remain what it is: someone else's music. That's why Fred's wish to record his own music grew stronger over time. He has wanted to record this album for a long time, but never got to it. That's because it is a big thing to record your own music. Finalizing so many ideas in your head and your heart, finding the right people to work with, finding the guts to really do this and put your own work out there, and - not unimportant - have the funding to make it all happen.

So here it is, a Kickstarter project to literally kick this project off. And finally make that dream come true. Your support will not only be greatly appreciated, but also critical in making it all happen.

Fred has teamed up with two of his brothers in arms for this occasion, graphical artist Ben Faydherbe and fellow musician and producer Jean-Baptiste Steymères. Ben's artwork will ensure it's not just the ears, but also the eyes to enjoy the fruits of this project. Jean-Baptiste is the one you will hear, yet won't hear. He's pulling the levers and turning the knobs making sure what you hear is what Fred's hearing...

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