May 23, 2021

Van Dammes: Finally There

Finnish punk rock band Van Dammes are looking forward to EURO2020, the first time that the Finland national football team has managed to qualify. The tracks on their new EP Finally There might be a little too fast for the crowd to sing in the stadiums, but sports bars should add it to their playlist post haste. The energy is quite endearing and the obvious fun they had recording it is irresistible. If anything it will make the listener root for the underdog this Summer.

Van Dammes: Finally There

Van Dammes:
Ilkka Hildén: bass
Markus Kujawa: synth, vocals
Jussi Roine: drums
Juho Talja: guitar, vocals

Finally There is released via Rockstar Records (cassette, digital).

  1. Finally There
  2. (It's Time For) Rivelution
  3. Test The Best

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