May 07, 2021

Real Estate: The Lagniappe Sessions @ Aquarium Drunkard

Brooklyn indie rock quintet Real Estate laid down five covers for Aquarium Drunkard's The Lagniappe Sessions: Parsley Sound's Ocean House (MP3), My Bloody Valentine's You Never Should (MP3), John Cale's Please (MP3), Roger Miller's Little Green Apples (MP3), Jawbone's Java Jelly (MP3).

Singer and guitarist Martin Courtney about covering John Cale:

Love the production on the early 70s John Cale records, particularly the drums. How did they do it? Vintage Violence being one of my favorite albums, we could have probably done any song off of it, basically just picked “Please” because I like the line about sneezing. Felt timely. Beautiful melody/harmony in the chorus. Had to look up what a hansom cab is. Nice image.


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