May 07, 2021

How I Became A Wave: Fading Out

photo: Brid O'Donovan

Irish folk musician Pat Carey, the former singer of The Hard Ground, has released Fading Out, the debut single by his solo project How I Became A Wave. He dreams about being able to fly to escape from the hassles of everyday life, and ultimately disappear all together. It starts out with just his voice and guitar, with other musicians joining in to create of slow moving tapestry of sounds. Dreamy and melancholic with crystal clear separation, thanks to the mixing skills of Brian Casey @ Casey’s Wavefield Studios in West Cork - he also plays keyboards on the track.

Fading Out is a self-released single. Avialable on the usual digital platforms. His self-titled debut album will be released this year, featuring collaborations between some of Ireland's finest musicians, composers and songwriters including Cormac McCarthy, Clare Sands, David Murphy, Maria Ryan, Brian Casey, Aoife Burke, Matthew Berrill, Davie Ryan, and Hugh Dillon.


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