April 30, 2021

The Forty Nineteens: New Roaring Twenties

The Forty Nineteens

Garage rockers The Forty Nineteens are basically a singles band. Get the job done in less three minutes and move on to the next song. On their new album New Roaring Twenties they barrel through eleven songs, with a glint in their eyes. The band name is a pun on Californian State law - the band's guitarists both worked as criminal defence attorneys when the band was founded and music was a means to blow off some steam in their spare time.

Rock 'n' roll is about having fun and that is what these five guys provide by the bucket-load, with lyrics about of road trips and good-natured bad behaviour that won't get them into serious trouble. And as a coup they got Tony Valentino (The Standells) - still kicking ass at 79 - to add his signature guitar sound to Late Night Radio. Swing buy your local car rental and hire a convertible. Drop the disc in the player and turn it up.

The Forty Nineteens:
John Pozza: vocals, guitar
Chuck Gorian: guitar
Matt Colleran: guitar, background vocals
Kevin Barber: bass, background vocals
Nck Zeigler: drums, percussion, keyboards

The Forty Nineteens: New Roaring Twenties

New Roaring Twenties is released via Big Stir Records (CD, digital).

  1. It's For Fun (That's All We're Living For)
  2. Tell Me
  3. Late Night Radio (feat. Tony Valentino)
  4. We're Going To Las Vegas
  5. Go Little GTO
  6. Time Marches On
  7. You've Got Stardust Eyes
  8. I'm Always Questioning Days
  9. It's The Worst Thing I Could Do
  10. You're The Kind Of Girl
  11. We Can't Change

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