April 30, 2021

Ideini: Iris

Producer Theo Duplus and vocalist Francesca Martino are Ideini, a French-Italian duo based in Dundee, Scotland. Sharing a love for indietronica and triphop. After a bit of a false start the project grounded to a halt about our years ago, shortly after the release of their first EP. It turned out they were not ready to become a unit just yet, but they rekindled their collaboration in 2019, testing the waters with a few choice deconstructed covers (The Suburbs, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Uprising, Creep).

Their new single Iris finds them in tiptop shape, having found their own sound. Adventurous in a quiet way, the duo are exploring the outer regions of electronic pop. Inspired by a walk in the midst of winter and a change meeting with a deer, they explore the no-man's land between dreams and reality.

Iris is a self-released single. Buy it from their website.

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