April 22, 2021

Prime Alone: The Essence Lies In The Depth

All those who want to travel in darkness should consider using The Essence Lies In The Depth as the accompanying soundtrack. It is the third album by Prime Alone, a post-rock solo project by Russian musician Petr Gidulyanov. He is a versatile composer and ace guitarist, who can conjure up moods with either a handful of notes or multi-layered textures. Taking cues from prog-metal and the classical composers he has constructed an eight-part suite about making his way through a forest that offers towering riffs (Darkness) and pastoral musing (Such A Distant Spring).

For an immersive listening experience, it is highly recommended to use a pair of decent headphones in order to fully appreciate the intricacies of the sprawling title track and the real fear of being Encircled By Wolves and the relief to get back into the light ( Starry Nights In Kaalamo). Gidulyanov has a special tone that sets him apart from the competition. He has pushed himself to come up with a sonic palette that is captivating and enthralling. Musos and serious music fans will love him.

The Essence Lies In The Depth is a self-released album. Buy it from his website (CD - 20 copies, digital).

  1. My Own Blackthorn
  2. Darkness
  3. The Essence Lies In The Depth
  4. Encircled By Wolves
  5. Chaos Is Order Yet Undeciphered
  6. Such A Distant Spring
  7. An Old Wise Tree
  8. Starry Nights In Kaalamo

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