April 22, 2021

Late Aster: The True and Toxic View

Late Aster is a band that loves to experiment. Their new single The True and Toxic View is their most ambitious yet, with freewheeling trumpet, percussive synths, flowing guitar and dreamy vocals. They flip through genres, take short cuts when they feel like it, but always manage to land safely on the main theme. A maze of jazz, triphop and dream pop that is impossible to resist. Once you think you have found the way out, you will double back for another trip and find another route that is equally fulfilling. The animated video was made by Kelsey Boncato.

Late Aster:
Aaron Messing: trumpet, synth, vocals
Anni Hochhalter: horn, vocals
Charles Mueller: guitar, audio engineering
Cameron LeCrone: drums

Their limited vinyl (50 copies) debut EP True and Toxic will be released on May 21 via Bright Shiny Things.

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