March 17, 2021

The Gracious Losers: Six Road Ends

photo: Richard Brown

Glasgow based Celtic folk band The Gracious Losers don't shy away from making grand gestures on their new album Six Road Ends. Band leader and singer Jonathan Lilley assembled a 15-piece band for an album that rocks, whispers, and provides a good time. Optimism and pessimism are treated like equals. Doubt sits next to unbridled joy. Ever wondered what Lloyd Cole would sound like trying to emulate Nick Drake? The solo piece Flood Came Down The Hill answers that question. Soulful pop fans can get their fill with You Got The Reach On Me. Heartbreak is covered in Loath To Leave. They even managed to squeeze in old school prog a la Mike Oldfield with The Accomplice.

Six Road Ends is a meeting of styles and moods, once again proving that the old adage that the sum is greater than its parts is still going strong. Craftsmanship, ace lyrics, and intricate, chiseled arrangements that should be enjoyed in one sitting. If anything, it will lift the listener's spirits. A Hollywood ending of sorts, When I'm Feeling Better, brings the album to a close. Drop the needle for a second round to discover the layers that went unnoticed the first time. There are plenty of those.

Six Road Ends will be released on vinyl through Last Night From Glasgow. Black & yellow and black & gold versions are available for pre-order. Release date: March 26th.

  1. Till I Go Home
  2. The Big Land
  3. Flood Came Down The Hill
  4. Loath To Leave
  5. The Accomplice
  6. Everything Begins, Everything Ends
  7. The Fire At The Bottom Of The Sea
  8. You Got The Reach On Me
  9. Come When You're Ready
  10. The Lead And The Light
  11. When I'm Feeling Better

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