March 16, 2021

Jonathan Richman: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

David Katznelson had an interview with cult favourite Jonathan Richman for The Aquarium Drunkard. Among other things he talks about his Just A Spark, On Journey From The Dark podcast series on Bandcamp:

Someone pointed out to me: “Hey Jonathan, all your listeners—almost all of them—hear your music from streaming.” And I was thinking, THEY DO? And they said YES. So I called up Blue Arrow records and I said “I want to stay in this music game!” I guess that vinyl is more of a collector’s item than I was thinking. And they said yes. So I said maybe there is a way I can introduce my new music to the people who want to hear it via the streaming and for it not to be foul. And they said, there is bandcamp—they are not like the other companies. They like to hear sketches of songs and they are not all about the money so I said, “OK, let’s try that.”

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