January 03, 2021

Sothiac & Paul Jolly: Tiamat

Avant-gardists Sothiac & Paul Jolly look at the sky again on their new EP Tiamat, named after a fictional planet better known as Phaeton. They follow the same format - drones, floating wordless vocals and free-jazz - that made their previous release Superluna such a compelling and intense listening experience.

The unrelenting static conjures up the image of a spaceship crew fondling frantically with the controls to try to reach their homebase to break the news of their discovery. Tiamat is a mash-up of the tales from ancient Greek mythology, Sumerian astronomy and Sci-Fi. Mankind always looks for something that is not there or even real, but that does not stop them from turnind into an artform.

Hats off again to mixer and engineer Todd Tobias whose good ears made the four pieces sound clear and carefully balanced the recordings that were made by sending back and forth between the band members during lockdown.

Sothiac & Paul Jolly:
Pat Moonchy: voice and sound art
Paul Jolly: bass clarinet
Lucky Liguori: keyboards

Superluna is a released via 33 Jazz Records. Buy it from their website.

  1. Pleias
  2. Psyche
  3. Lunae
  4. Tiamat

Lino Budano supplied the visuals for the Psyche video.

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HCTF review of Superluna.

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