May 28, 2020

Sothiac & Paul Jolly: Superluna

Superluna is a two-part soundscape (or phases) composition recorded during lockdown in London by Pat Moonchy, Paul Jolly and Lucky Liguori. Based on drones, floating wordless vocals and free-jazz they conjure up the dark blue indigo of the night, with a giant moon as the sole source of light. It is a hauntingly beautiful piece of avant-garde that should be experienced using a pair of top of the line headphones in one, undisturbed sitting. Sound master Todd Tobias was in charge of the mixing and mastering, creating the perfect balance between clarity and intensity.

Sothiac & Paul Jolly:
Pat Moonchy: voice and sound art
Paul Jolly: sax and bass clarinet
Lucky Liguori: prepared cithara and gongs

Superluna is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

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