December 31, 2020

Mint Biscuit: Instrumental Illness

Richard Thomas, guitarist and vocalist with the recently revived English band Mint, has collected another set of odds and ends for an album by his solo project Mint Biscuit. Instrumental Illness is a grab bag of short excursions on both acoustic and electric guitar.

It is basically a set of recordings that have not reached the stage of a proper demo. There are quite a few of bum notes and tuning his guitar properly before pressing "record" did not always happen. On the upside: it is also a fly-on-the-wall experience, listening to this guy finding his way to some pretty nice hooks he just came up with. These 20 (!) proggy folk instrumentals spiced up with of indie rock will a bit too much to take in one sitting for most listeners, but let it play out - the sequencing is quite good.

Instrumental Illness is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from his website.

  1. The Vienna Circle
  2. Oklahoma My Round
  3. Settling Down
  4. Snufflebadger's Lament
  5. Rosemary And Candles
  6. Yuletide Jig
  7. Every Good Boy Deserves Tomato
  8. James' Big Slip Up
  9. Greenstorm
  10. Gathering Flowers
  11. Life Is Sweet
  12. Alien Sandwich
  13. Mince Pie Sex Explosion
  14. Rabbit Rock
  15. Motoring
  16. Polaroid Android
  17. Stygian Depths
  18. Tremulation
  19. Wavy Morning
  20. Greenstorm Psyche

» Mint Biscuit on Bandcamp

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