November 04, 2020

Subterranean Street Society: Twelve Steps

Amsterdam based Danish folk singer and guitarist Louis Puggaard-Müller was a first-hand witness for his father's steady decline into full-on alcoholism. It nearly killed him, but he got sober thanks to The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The process became the source for the new album by his band Subterranean Street Society, a record with a song for each step. All and all it took them three years to complete.

The songs on Twelve Steps do not preach, but observe and support. It is an album about despair, setbacks, reconciliation and hope, steeped in blues and folk, switching from elecrric to acoustic with an intensity that can be overwhelming at times. Puggaard-Müller made this album for himself and his father, but its universal message should resonate with anyone who has been confronted with addiction. Plus it is a joy to listen to a band that is on firing on all cylinders.

Subterranean Street Society:
Louis Puggaard-Müller: lead & backing vocals, resonator / acoustic guitars, piano, tape drones, mouth harp
Ivo Schot: bass, fretless bass, synth, electric guitar, feedback, orchestra drones, backing vocals
Ryan Wilson: drums & percussion
Joost Wesseling: additional drums & percussion on track 2,3,4,8 & 11
Tobias Oeckler: harmonium on track 7

Twelve Steps is a self-released album. Buy it (vinyl, CD, digital) from their website. Release date: November 6.

  1. Wake Me Up Before I Go To Sleep
  2. Only Your Sins Know
  3. The Road Stays Mine
  4. Weapons Of Mass Destruction
  5. Russian Roulette
  6. Golden Lady
  7. Forgive
  8. So Sorry
  9. Before The Morning Starts To Hurt
  10. Tick Of Time
  11. Nothing To Declare
  12. Light Years Ahead

They will stream Facebook and YouTube on November 6 @ 20:00 (GMT+1).


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