November 13, 2020

Steven Wilson: "Drown With Me" (The Future Bites sessions)

Steven Wilson has posted the third of his live in the studio performances. Dubbed The Future Bites Sessions he performs stripped down versions from his forthcoming new album as well material from his extensive back catalogue. He went back to the demo of the Porcupine Tree song Drown With Me.

The third song from The Future Bites sessions is Drown With Me, performed with a drum machine, piano, and 2 acoustic guitars (one Nashville strung). Written in 2001, a version of the song was recorded the following year by Porcupine Tree during the In Absentia sessions, but this session version is based on the original demo which has a different chorus. I'm not sure why I changed it at the time because in retrospect I like this chorus better. Both the original demo and the Porcupine Tree recording of the song are included on the recently issued deluxe edition of In Absentia, so you can listen and make up your own mind which is best!


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