November 24, 2020

Steven Wilson: 12 Things I Forgot

Steven Wilson
photo: Miles Skarin

Steven Wilson has released 12 Things I Forgot, the fourth single from his forthcoming new album The Future Bites. Melancholic yet deviant, with plenty of layered guitars and synths it is continuation of his love for the ssund of the Eighties. Not everyone is a fan of this turn to the mainstream, but it's actually nothing new for him. He cut his teeth writing music for commercials in the Nineties, long before he became a Prog God with Porcupine Tree and his early solo albums.

"Forgot what it was that I’m not
You can protest that I can’t make commitments
But it don’t seem to make any difference"

"Forget what I’ve done
To all of the people that gave me their love
Well I have no problem with sleeping at night
I’ve done wrong but I just don’t remember"

Steven Wilson: acoustic and electric guitars, piano, fender rhodes, synthesisers, bass, autoharp, vocals
David Kosten: programming
Michael Spearman: drums
Blaine Harrison, Jack Flanagan: vocals

The Future Bites will be released on January 29, 2021 on cassette, CD, vinyl, BluRay, and as a limited box set. Pre-order here or get it from his store.


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