November 19, 2020

Middle Blue: Weird Funk in Small Bars

Live shows aren't happening during the pandemic and it will be long wait before attending a gig becomes feasible (and safe) again). Brooklyn avant-funk band Middle Blue, led by guitarist Brad Farberman, has just released a live album, Weird Funk in Small Bars, bringing the atmosphere a free-flowing club performance to your home, with even some of the banter of the crowd included.

They are about jamming and improvising and once they have settled on a theme to turn it upside down, stretch it out, whht band members stepping in and dropping out. The best kind of jazz is alwys sounds like it is created on the spot and Middle Blue's spontaneous approach to music enables them to groove, swing, and take twists and turns that keeps even the longst of jams entertaining and interesting. And with eyes closed it is almost of you are actually there, in one of those bars that serves good music besides the usual food and drink.

Middle Blue: Weird Funk in Small Bars

Middle Blue:
Brad Farberman: guitar
Jeremy Danneman: alto sax & clarinet
Jessica Lurie: tenor sax & flute
Dave Sewelson: bari sax & sopranino sax
Jared Pauley: Fender Rhodes & clavinet
Danny Tamberelli: bass
Mike Clark: drums

Weird Funk in Small Bars is released via Ropeadope. Buy it from their website.

  1. Ben Goldberg's Sound of Greenpoint (featuring Ben Goldberg)
  2. Leany Lean (featuring Claire Daly)
  3. Melvyn (featuring Jamie Saft and Mike Clark)
  4. Thank You, Mike Clark (featuring Mike Clark)

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