October 13, 2020

Tugboat Captain: Rut

Baroque-pop quartet Tugboat Captain released three remarkable singles in the lead-up for their debut full-length Rut and it turns to could have picked all of the tracks to turn some heads and get a big thumbs up from anyone who is into luscious smart pop, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, old school brass, and having good time in general.

Each song is laced with something special, whether it is a break, spot-on harmonizing, a lick or an odd-ball middle-eight that works like a charm. They sing about spending the day in bed (C’mon! Haribo?), the upside of being lazy (No Plans (For This Year)) and taking short cutsto get out of an argument (Damned Right).

Imagine the Village Green-era Kinks teaming up with the Magic Numbers. Quintessentially English music that sounds totally at ease and in control, while it is actually fucking hard to play.

Tugboat Captain:
Alexander Sokolow: guitar and vocals
Domenico Caderni: keys and bassoon
Joshua Cobb: bass and vocals
Georgia Mancey: drums
Strings: Helena Unwin, Cameron Jacobs, Nadia Eskarandi
Brass: Joshua Cobb, Joseph Hurrell, Oli Arnold

Rut is released on red vinyl via Double A-Side Records on October 16th.

  1. Check Ur Health
  2. If Tomorrow’s Like Today
  3. Figure It Out
  4. No Plans (For This Year)
  5. C’mon! Haribo?
  6. Downward Slope
  7. Come Dig Me Out
  8. Damned Right
  9. Rut...Waking Hour
  10. Everything About You
  11. Day To Day

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