October 13, 2020

Ian Gillan: interview in The Guardian

Ian Gillan is still singing at 75 The Deep Purple frontman's voice has dropped a register, but he still has the power. The band's latest alnum Whoosh got rave reviews, even from magazines who have been snapping at their heels for decades. He sat down for a nice chat with The Guardian. His post-show routine is quite mellow nowadays:

Bed and a book. I realised some years ago I had to radically change my lifestyle, because you can’t sustain it as you get older. When they stopped smoking in bars, that’s what did it for me, because I enjoyed a cigarette with my drink, just calming down and having a chat after the show with the guys. And then suddenly you couldn’t smoke, and I thought, ‘Good time to bin it, really.’ So I stopped going to the pub and I stopped drinking after the shows. Now I carry a kettle, a little mobile kettle, and I come back and have a cup of tea.”

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