September 22, 2020

Tim Lee: Tulpa

English singer-songwriter Tim Lee is on the fence between jangling pop and New Wave on his new album Tulpa, a collection of charming songs. Sure, he is been in trouble and life has handed him a stacked deck sometimes, but in the end he tends to looks at the bright side, with (No) Christmas Sparkle - his girl walked out on him on Christmas Day - and This Beast in Me as the only truly dark songs.

When things are going really well, like they do in Love is Easy, he is not afraid to share his joy with anyone who cares to listen. Using only a snarling electic guitar and a few handclaps for All These Things gives the track an inner tension that gets no release. Also: kudos for using the sound of a dial-up modem to mark the beginning and ending of the relationship he is singing about. Even when he is about to stumble musically - the brass of She Got It clashes with his vocals more than once - he finds a catchy melody to have his back.

Tulpa will find its way to indie pop fans, who are susceptible to in-depth lyricism. It is a bespoke album recorded on a shoestring budget. Be patient and the hidden track will come to light, a dreamy drone-like instrumental that gave the album it's name.

Tim Lee: vocals, guitars, bass (6), keys
Rob Collins: bass (3,4)
Derek Holmes: guitars (3,8)
Megan Lee: vocals (2)
Rona Leftwich: saxophones (7,8)
Jen Ogle: vocals (6)
Eleanor Smith: trumpets (7)
Glyn Sutton: drums, keys
Jonathan Tarplee: bass (1,2)
Duncan Wilcox: bass (8), 19th century(!) double-bass (5), fretless bass (7)
Megan Lee and Jen Ogle: 'The Dabber Choir' (8)

Tulpa is a self-released album. Buy it (limited CD - 50 copies, USB with lots of extras, digital) from his website. Release date: October 10.

  1. Performance
  2. Love is Easy (feat. Megan Lee)
  3. Numb
  4. All These Things
  5. This Beast in Me
  6. Leave Your Fears (feat. Jen Ogle)
  7. She Got It
  8. (No) Christmas Sparkle
    (hidden track - Tulpa instrumental)


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