September 22, 2020

Steven Wilson: Eminent Sleaze

Steven Wilson has released Eminent Sleaze, the second single from his forthcoming new album The Future Bites. It's a dystopian track about a nearby future where smiles and lies are trademarked. No one is safe, and the main character of the song might seduce your sister as well.

Wilson is slowly moving away from the progressive rock niche and is using more and more electronics, on top of pop and even disco rhythms. Listeners of The Album Years, his podcast with Tim Bowness, will be familiar with the music - a snippet of it is used as bumper piece in the series.

The video was directed by Miles Skarin (Crystal Spotlight).

The Future Bites will be released on January 29, 2021 on cassette, CD, vinyl, BluRay, and as a limited box set. Pre-order here or get it from his store.


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